Bharat Is The Real Name of India

Bharat Is The Real Name of India

It is Bharat, Not India

As Sadhguru says, an oppressive power would always demoralize and demean the population by giving them meaningless names. They called Bharat with a meaningless name India.

The name “Bharat” derives deep historical roots from ancient Indian scriptures and texts. In ancient times, the Indian subcontinent was called “Bharatvarsha,” or the land of Bharat. Embracing the name Bharat acknowledges and honors India’s ancient heritage and the civilizations that flourished on its land. Bharat carries a strong cultural identity that reflects the diversity and unity of India. It represents the collective consciousness, values, and traditions of the Indian people. Using the name Bharat reinforces the cultural pride and heritage that span thousands of years.

Why Use Bharat As The Name of India

Bharat is a name and a symbol of unity and sovereignty. It serves as a reminder of India’s long-standing journey as a nation and its resilience in facing challenges. Recognizing India as Bharat emphasizes the unity and strength of the diverse population that constitutes the nation. It represents a break from the colonial past and emphasizes the indigenous identity of the nation.

The Constitution of India already acknowledges both names, with Article 1 referring to the country as “Bharat.” Bharat as the primary name would align more closely with the constitutional reference and underscore Bharat’s historical and cultural significance.

India is a land of diverse languages and dialects. While “India” is the English name, “Bharat” is widely recognized and used across various regional languages. Acknowledging this name helps in preserving and promoting linguistic diversity and inclusivity. It carries spiritual and philosophical connotations rooted in ancient Indian wisdom. It represents the pursuit of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and self-realization. Ours referring to India as Bharat invokes the spiritual and philosophical dimensions that have shaped the country’s cultural fabric.

The name Bharat contributes to preserving and promoting India’s rich cultural heritage. It helps instill a sense of pride and responsibility among the citizens to protect and celebrate the diverse traditions, art forms, philosophies, and historical legacies that have evolved in the land of Bharat.

Let us break away from the colonial past and call ourselves Bharatiya – the residents of Bharatvarsha once again.