Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project

Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project


Forty percent of the population of Rajasthan resides in the catchment area of Eastern Rajasthan canal project (ERCP), they will get drinking water , farmers will get much required water for irrigation on time and substantial amount of employment opportunities . Howevermore than three years have passed in want of ERCP, to be declared as a project of national importance.

A state where Thar desert challenges the human life and water levels are going down, without perennial rivers badly need such a project of national importance as quick as possible. ERCP will be the lifeline of thirteen districts of Rajasthan, at the same time much of the river waters flows down in The Bay of Bengal river system.

The objective of Eastern Rajasthan canal Project is to utilize inter -basin water bodies to main feeders and to create a channel of water which could supply drinking water to 41.13%of the population and 23.67% area of Rajasthan. Twenty-six dams will be connected by interlinking of rivers.

Not only the public of Rajasthan state but Chief minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot is very eagerly putting in efforts to get declared ERCP as a project of national importance, which (ERCP) is going to benefit thirteen districts with irrigation facilities and drinking water. Chief minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot has expressed concern many times over completion of the ERCP.

On 09.07.2020, 20.07.2020, 26.102020 and 27.012021and on several occasions Hon’ble Chief minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot has requested Government of India to declare ERCP as a national project ,and on 05.02.2021 and 12.07.2021 and very recently to Central Jal Shakti minister .

. The initial estimates were inr 37200 crores, the ERCP beneficiary districts will be Bharatpur, Alwar, Kota, Baran, Jhalawar, Sawai Madhopur, Tonk, Ajmer,Dausa, Jaipur, Karauli, Bundi and Dholpur. The delay in beginning of the project is due to the dependability of usage of river waters, to qualify for a national project ,it must be 75%, but in case of ERCP it is 50%.

Our neighbor state Madhya Pradesh has not given ”NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” to use water from rivers of Madhya Pradesh, presumably a feeling of water sharing may cause some harm to concerned . The matter is getting delayed due to interstate river water dispute, normally which is resolved with the influence of central government ,but even many rounds of meetings, it cannot be resolved.

Initially the cost of ERCP was inr37200 crores, whose DPR was prepared by a central government enterprise WAPCOS LTD in 2016-2017.Because of delays in finalizations the cost of project grew from inr37200 to inr70000 crores in about six years. Rajasthan Government has dedicated a budget of inr 9600 crores for ERCP, to begin with.

A project when declared as a project of national importance then the expenses incurred arein the ratio of 90% by central government and 10% by state government. Rajasthan is the largest state in terms of area, only 1.16% of flowing water of the country and 1.72% of the country’s groundwater is found in Rajasthan.

In Rajasthan state, only River Chambal offers surplus water but its water cannot be used directly as the area nearby Kota barrage is protected due to conserved for crocodiles. The aim is to use water of River Chambal and its subsidiaries like River Kalisindh, River Parwati, and River Kunnu, in water scarce south eastern districts.

The ERCP is supposed to be completed by the year 2051,where south eastern and southern Rajasthan will get drinking water , water for cattle and industrial use. With a 2-lakh hectare new command area for irrigation and conditions will improve in 80000 hectares for irrigation. The canal network of 1268 kilometers will come up , 1723 million cubic meter of drinking water ,286.4 million cubic meters for industrial use and 1500.4 million cubic meters for irrigation.

ERCP will increase the ground water table of the concerned area, enhance the socio- economic conditions in a positive manner . The industries adjoining Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor will also get water for industrial use, and attract investment .

Now the work has been started in Kota district of which the cost is borne by the state government of Rajasthan inr 600 crores to inr650 crores is planned expenditure. This will enable to store water for 100 days from the River Chambal and its subsidiaries.