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Hawan in Sanatan Parampara

In Sanatan dharma, we have different patterns of prayers to gods and goddesses. Some are to be prayed at sunrise and sunset, and others at night. Flowers like roses, lotus,…
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Chandrayaan - India Is On The Moon

Chandrayaan – 3 Brings Immense Benefits To The World

Chandrayaan-3’s achievements mark a significant advancement in lunar science. The intricacies of the Moon, our closest celestial neighbor, still need to be discovered. By shedding light on areas previously unexplored,…
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Hindu nationalism

Hindu Nationalism Is Powerful In Rekindling India’s Culture

Hindu nationalism has often been discussed and debated. Still, its rise in India, marked by the increasing popularity of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),…
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From Shoonya to Zero

The Journey From Shoonya To Zero Made Science Possible

The journey from the philosophical concept of ‘Shoonya’ to the mathematical invention of ‘Zero’ is a testament to how cultural, philosophical, and spiritual notions can lead to concrete scientific advancements.…
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Indian Sari

The Beautiful Indian Sari Is Fast Gaining Adoption Globally

The Indian sari, a traditional Indian garment, has always been an emblem of elegance, heritage, and cultural depth. Over the years, however, the sari has transcended its regional roots, making…
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Rishi, Rishis, Saptarishis

Saptarishis The Seven Rishis The First Disciples of Shiva

According to Sadhguru, seven individuals, later known as the Saptarishis, were drawn to Shiva and became his first disciples. Rishis, as Sadhguru might say, were beings who touched a dimension…
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Maa Kamakhya

Kamakhya, The Yoni Peeth And Its Miracles

Maa Kamakhya, a significant goddess in the Shaktism tradition, is a manifestation of Shakti, the divine feminine power in Hinduism. Also known as Kamakhshi or Kamakshi, she is revered as…
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Shakti The Divine Feminine Power Within All

Shakti, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘shak’ – ‘to be able’ – represents the primordial cosmic energy and is the personification of divine feminine creative power in Hinduism. She is…
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Make In India

Make in India Campaign Brings Sustainable Growth

Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September 2014, the “Make in India” initiative marked a significant turning point in India’s economic policy. The ambitious campaign aimed to transform India…
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Arjuna's Chariot in Mahabharat represents life

The Chariot in the Mahabharata Is You

The chariot used by Arjun in the Mahabharata is a representative of life itself in many ways. In Hindu philosophy, the analogy of the body being likened to a chariot…
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